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The Benefits of Using a Medical Scheduling Company for In-Home Physical Therapy

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Contrary to common misconceptions, hiring a medical scheduling company for your employees’ health care and workers’ compensation needs is a necessary cost for your business. It provides savings, improves the productivity of your staff and frees up the time-consuming task of booking medical appointments and tracking the status of sick or injured employees. Here are […]

Direct Pay Provider Network – A Christmas and New Year Present for Our Clients

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It is customary for millions of people around the world to celebrate Christmas. It is a magical season filled with joy, gift-giving, and benevolent wishes for the coming year. As a provider of medical management and scheduling services, Direct Pay Provider Network would like to join in this global Christmas celebration. In the Christmas tradition […]

What Is Medical Scheduling For Workers’ Compensation?

Young female doctor and practitioner working at the reception desk, she is answering phone calls and scheduling appointments

First of all, what is Workers’ Compensation? Workers’ Compensation is a form of insurance that covers all medical and rehabilitation costs, and even lost wages for employees who got injured at work. Workers’ Compensation is mandated by law and required in all states. However, filing all the documents and claims requirements takes up a lot […]

How To Choose The Right Provider When It Comes To Workers’ Compensation Dental Claims

Close up of female hands holding radiography scan of jaw while having consultation with stomatologist

In a 2017 report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, dental trauma accounts for less than 1% of injuries in the workplace. This number seems insignificant compared to other injuries in the workplace. However, dental injuries are still traumatic. They may not be as common as other workers compensation claims, but they can be just as challenging, […]

Give Thanks for Medical Scheduling Providers

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When it comes to workers’ compensation claims for injuries in the workplace, Direct Pay Provider Network a medical scheduling provider will definitely make everything easier, more convenient and hassle-free. Once an employee or worker gets injured in the workplace, there are a lot of steps that you have to deal with. First you have to make the […]

Are Injured Workers Entitled to Home Care as a Workers’ Compensation Benefit?


Employees who sustain injuries in the performance of their duties are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits including home care and rehabilitation – if these are required for the patient’s recovery. Many workers that are covered by workers’ compensation insurance are not really aware that if they are injured, they are actually entitled to home health […]

The Dangers of Fentanyl Addiction

fentanyl addiction - medical provider network

Fentanyl can be a helpful tool for pain when used as directed, but abusing it can be dangerous. Overusing fentanyl can lead to short-term and long-term physical and mental health problems or death. The dangers of fentanyl are particularly high because it’s stronger than other opioids and can be fatal when combined with other drugs, […]