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Patients suffering from recurring back pain, cystic fibrosis, spinal cord injury, stroke, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, concussions, sports-related injuries, and similar conditions may require a specific professional therapy service as a standalone or support treatment toward full rehabilitation.

Conventional medical scheduling processes dictate that when injured employees require the services of a licensed therapist, the legwork may be left to the patient but in most instances this will be the responsibility of an employer, case manager or TPA. Coordinating with providers to schedule therapy, monitoring expenses, and tracking and reporting on each therapy session can drain your resources.

Direct PT/DX changes all that. We schedule your patient’s or injured worker’s occupational therapy, physical therapy, or certified hand therapy sessions while providing billing and reporting on each patient. With our service comes exceptional savings to each of our clients!

With our proven system for medical scheduling, reporting, and billing management and facilitation, a two-pronged result is guaranteed for injured patients under workers’ compensation: quick medical scheduling without the pesky paperwork AND significantly reduced therapy costs. We help you worry less about the stressful scheduling process.

Direct PT/DX understands our clients’ needs so we take all of the inconvenience out of medical scheduling and create an efficient process. We communicate with all stakeholders including claims adjusters, case managers, TPAs, and insurance providers. We help clients save as much as 65% on bill charges from the provider and 35% on fee schedules!

If your treating physician orders PT, OT, or OHT, call Direct PT/DX. You can depend on our experienced team to help ease time consuming medical scheduling for you while cutting medical costs.

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“As an adjuster, I have often utilized Direct’s services. They are consistently high performing. Their customer service is impeccable. I can rely on their quick response times, their use of good facilities, as well as their prices. It takes a lot of pressure off of me in order to refer them a patient and know that the referral will be managed quickly and appropriately.”

Assistant Claims Supervisor