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Physical Therapy as an Opioid Alternative for Chronic Pain

physical therapy
physical therapy

Physical Therapy as an Opioid Alternative for Chronic Pain There are about two million Americans who are addicted to opioids with a 20% rise in deaths caused by overdose in the past two years as reported by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Pain Consortium Symposium. Currently there are more than 25 million Americans suffering from debilitating chronic pain everyday with no effective non-opioid treatments to manage that pain. To counter this issue, the American Physical Therapy Association is currently promoting physical therapy as a safe and effective alternative to opioids for the treatment of chronic pain. Chronic pain that results from work-related incidents and prevent the employee from returning to work may result in that employee receiving workers’ compensation benefits. Part of their treatment involves workers compensation physical therapy scheduling where the patient is given a program that combines the following alternative treatments: 1. Exercise Physical therapists create an individualized exercise program for the patient to address the causes of pain.Manual therapy Hands-on techniques to modulate pain, reduce inflammation and improve overall mobility and well-being. 2. Stress management Involves mindfulness, meditation and relaxation techniques https://www.247asaplocksmith.com/commercial3. Pain educationEducate patients about modern pain science so that they can understand the processes that contribute to pain. Physical therapy scheduling in workers compensation involves a lot of legwork and filing of paperwork and documents. Having to coordinate with providers and licensed physicians to schedule therapy, monitor all the costs and reporting each session can drain your time and resources. Direct Pay Provider Network can help employers by taking care of workers compensation physical therapy scheduling. We will schedule all of the injured employee’s physical therapy sessions while providing detailed billing and reporting on each patient. Our experienced team will help ease time consuming medical scheduling for you, resulting in savings! If your treating physician orders physical therapy, call Direct Pay Provider Network at (866) 214-5920 for all of your medical scheduling needs.

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