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Direct PT/DX is excited to be a sponsor for the 2024 Kids Chance of TN 5th Annual Charity Golf Classic on April 25, 2024, at the Hermitage Golf

Direct PT/DX is excited to sponsor the 2024 Mississippians for Self-Insurance – Political Action Committee Golf Tournament on March 4, 2024, at the Lake Carolina

Direct PT/DX is excited to be the Registration & Mulligan Table Sponsor for the 2024 Mobile Claims Association Golf Tournament on March 28, 2024, at

Direct PT/DX is now a Preferred Provider for AlaMed! Our affiliation with AlaMed’s Workers’ Compensation Preferred Provider Organization, Alabama’s largest workers’ compensation PPO network, is

Diagnostic imaging plays a crucial role in worker’s compensation healthcare by helping to identify and diagnose work-related injuries or illnesses. The images obtained from diagnostic

Workers’ compensation costs can be an expensive business expense. Every time you add a new employee, you must factor in their insurance coverage which includes workers’

Accidents can happen even in the most safety-conscious workplace, and that risk is multiplied when employees go out to perform their work while moving from

As employers, we tend to believe that the responsibility to do workers’ comp cost containment lies solely on our shoulders. While it is our obligation to design

This article is intended to give injured employees some enlightenment about workers’ compensation benefits.  Many employees who suffer from work-related injury consider looking for a