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Injuries involving the muscles, the nerves, or the spine may require a patient to consult with a neurologist or physiatrist. Electromyography EMG or Nerve Conduction Velocity tests will be ordered for patients including workers’ compensation claims to determine actual damage, the causes of such damage, or the patient’s response to treatment.

Needless to say, EMG and NCV tests can be stress-inducing to patients and the critical step of scheduling these electrodiagnostic tests adds to the inconvenience for nurse case workers, employers, and claims adjusters!

At Direct PT/DX, we aim to relieve you of the stress that comes with scheduling EMG and NCV tests. As a team of experts with collective years of experience in the medical, insurance, and related industries, we navigate the often-tedious processes involved in the provision of diagnostics and health care, including in EMG and NCV tests.

Leave it to our integrated system at Direct PT/DX to schedule your EMG and NCV tests for your patients or employees. With our quick and professional service, our goal is to help expedite the scheduling process while managing the medical billing and reporting for each patient’s diagnostic service.

We make the process of medical scheduling and each patient’s billing and reporting management easy for the case manager, claims adjuster, employer, or TPA involved.

Do you need to schedule EMG and NCV for a patient or injured worker? For proper and quick medical scheduling for your patient’s electrodiagnostic tests.

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“As an adjuster, I have often utilized Direct’s services. They are consistently high performing. Their customer service is impeccable. I can rely on their quick response times, their use of good facilities, as well as their prices. It takes a lot of pressure off of me in order to refer them a patient and know that the referral will be managed quickly and appropriately.”

Assistant Claims Supervisor