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Work Hardening & Conditioning

Injured workers who have undergone physical, hand, or occupational therapies will likely suffer from mobility decline or functional deficits that prevent them from returning to work. To address this issue, the treating physician may order Work Hardening and Conditioning. This is an individualized, high-level, and high-structure intervention program that involves intensive physical exercises and work simulation activities to help the patient become fit for duty again and return to pre-injury work.

Work Hardening and Conditioning is an enormous challenge for any recovering patient – and the scheduling process will require a lot of time from the case manager, claims adjuster, employer, or insurance broker. At Direct PT/DX, we purposely take all the legwork out of the equation for our clients.

Instead of worrying about the numerous administrative processes involved in scheduling a Work Hardening and Conditioning appointment, we let you focus on additional patients or workers’ compensation claims. Direct PT/DX takes charge of quick and efficient medical scheduling while completely managing the billing and reporting for each patient.

With our team’s industry experience and an integrated system, we yield savings for clients on bill charges and fee schedules at up to a whopping 65% and 35%, respectively!

Leave it to our dedicated staff at Direct PT/DX to help you with quick and efficient medical scheduling.

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“As an adjuster, I have often utilized Direct’s services. They are consistently high performing. Their customer service is impeccable. I can rely on their quick response times, their use of good facilities, as well as their prices. It takes a lot of pressure off of me in order to refer them a patient and know that the referral will be managed quickly and appropriately.”

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