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Direct Pay Provider Network – A Christmas and New Year Present for Our Clients

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year banner, typographical red background with lights bulb and elements. Vector Illustration
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year banner, typographical red background with lights bulb and elements. Vector Illustration

It is customary for millions of people around the world to celebrate Christmas. It is a magical season filled with joy, gift-giving, and benevolent wishes for the coming year.

As a provider of medical management and scheduling services, Direct Pay Provider Network would like to join in this global Christmas celebration. In the Christmas tradition we would like to offer you, our customers, a bundle that contains little packages your company can certainly benefit from throughout the coming year. Here are some of the most notable items in our gift box:

Medical Scheduling

We set appointments between patients (your workers) and medical services providers. We are responsible for reducing patient wait times and minimizing congestion of waiting areas of medical service providers.

  • We aim to provide better and prompt medical services for your injured or sick workers
  • We free up your office staff from certain legwork like securing approval from insurance companies and coordinating with medical service providers
  • We work to give your office staff more time to focus on important company affairs. It makes them more efficient and productive, giving more value to their jobs.

Medical Billing

We assume the job of submitting and following up on claims with health insurance providers. We do this to facilitate payment for services rendered by medical service providers. It is an important part of the cycle that we strive to continue. We work to make health insurance claims like workers’ compensation run smoothly through:

  • Elimination of medical billing errors
  • Improvement of patient satisfaction
  • Billing compliance

Medical Cost Containment

We coordinate with medical service providers on behalf of our clients who take responsibility for costs incurred on the medical treatment and care of patients. We monitor their medical expenses to make sure that unnecessary spending and billing mistakes are avoided. We use this system to ensure that the quality of service is commensurate to what our customers are paying. We apply this system to identify questionable, incorrect or unjustified charges, including those that are caused by coding or unbundling errors.

Medical cost containment is an element of medical management that is immensely beneficial to our customers. Here’s several things we do to ensure that your workers’ costs of medical care are well managed and optimized:

  1. Prompt Reporting of Work-Related Sickness and Injuries

We coordinate with our clients to make sure that all work-related accidents or injuries are reported to their workers compensation carrier within 24 hours of the incident. We make this more efficient through web-based applications to expedite reports.

Early reporting of injuries makes way for prompt delivery of medical care. It can also prevent complications which can trigger more costs.

  1. Expeditious Delivery of Medical Treatment

Medical cost management is not focused solely on cost control. We also facilitate prompt delivery of medical services. We are equally concerned about the immediate administration of medical care to injured workers as we are about your costs. With prompt medical attention, you can minimize costs. It helps to prevent workers’ compensation fraud, claims rejection, and other forms of abuse.

  1. Return-to-Work

A timely return-to-work is beneficial to an employer as well as the injured worker.

We assume the responsibility of monitoring injured workers’ progress and coordinating with their treating physicians to make sure that they can return to work as early as possible and be productive again.

  • It allows you to gradually resume your operating speed and fill the vacuum caused by your employee’s absence
  • It makes your injured worker recover without spending personal money
  • It allows an injured or sick worker to regain earning capacity ASAP

Medical scheduling and billing can be a tough job for businesses of any size. We want to make it easier for you through our combined experience and expertise in the medical and insurance industries.

Let Direct Pay Provider Network be a part of your journey to success in 2020. 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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