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Risk Managers

At Direct PT/DX, we acknowledge the critical role of risk managers in the workers’ compensation claims process. Taking into account their employer’s existing compensation management program, workers’ compensation risk managers have a hand in influencing claim outcomes. They are expected to weigh-in on and minimize the organization’s exposure to financial risks.

Risk managers are indispensable in the workers’ compensation industry. We forge partnerships with them as we share the common goal of ensuring timely scheduling of appointments for the prompt delivery of services that are medically necessary for injured or ill patients all while managing the entire process of billing and reporting for each injured worker.

At Direct PT/DX, we strive to provide superior medical scheduling services. In the same way, we commit to offer value to every workers comp risk manager whom we work closely with toward the same objective.

By partnering with Direct PT/DX, risk managers enjoy exceptional service that ease their administrative tasks and lead to greater savings! Our clients experience savings as high as 65% off bill charges from the provider and up to 35% off of fee schedules!

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“I have had the privilege as a medical case manager for the past 11 years of working with Direct PT/DX.  The customer service they provide is the best of the best. Direct PT/DX makes my job a little less complicated and I am so appreciative for their top notch services.   Well done Direct PT/DX!”

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