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Nurse Case Managers

Nurse case managers play an integral part in the medical world. Overseeing the entire case management process, they identify the needs of each patient, match them to available resources and ensure that they are delivered. This way, all medical objectives for the patient are met without sacrificing work efficiency and managed costs. Nurse case managers work closely with medical providers and patients while providing many administrative services.

At Direct PT/DX, we make it a point to ease administrative burdens so nurse case managers can focus on what they do best! With our superior medical scheduling services, we help coordinate arrangements for the injured patient.

All the scheduling, follow-up, reporting and billing are our responsibility! You can count on our top-rated team of experts, whose focus is aimed at enhancing efficiency and managing costs in the delivery of medical services. As a result, we make life easier for nurse case managers.

We know case management for multiple patients is complex on its own. The solution? A partnership with Direct PT/DX that translates to less burdensome processes for the busy nurse case manager.

As part of Direct PT/DX, you enjoy stellar customer service and exceptional savings!

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“I have had the privilege as a medical case manager for the past 11 years of working with Direct PT/DX.  The customer service they provide is the best of the best. Direct PT/DX makes my job a little less complicated and I am so appreciative for their top notch services.   Well done Direct PT/DX!”

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