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How To Choose The Right Provider When It Comes To Workers’ Compensation Dental Claims

Close up of female hands holding radiography scan of jaw while having consultation with stomatologist
Close up of female hands holding radiography scan of jaw while having consultation with stomatologist

In a 2017 report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, dental trauma accounts for less than 1% of injuries in the workplace. This number seems insignificant compared to other injuries in the workplace. However, dental injuries are still traumatic. They may not be as common as other workers compensation claims, but they can be just as challenging, complex, and costly. Dental injury is a type of workers compensation claim that can be property handled with a specialized dental management approach. If dental claims are not properly managed and addressed, it can negatively affect the outcome of the claim while also causing a delay in the injured worker’s recovery. This is why your provider network should be experienced with dental claims management.. A vast and well-connected medical provider network is important for workers’ compensation patients. First, a credible dental practitioner is needed to evaluate the injured patient’s condition. Next, they must present a treatment and recovery plan that will restore the worker’s functionality to pre-injury status without any unnecessary delay. The sooner the worker can recover and go back to the workplace, the better. This depends on the ability to find a reputable and experienced dentist with clinical expertise for complex dental conditions. Direct Pay Provider Network not only provides medical scheduling services but also helps bring clients and partners in contact with patients through a robust dental network. When it comes to a solid provider network, Direct Pay has one of the biggest workers compensation dental networks in the country. Our clinical partner, DenteMax Dental Network has a database of  over 282,000 dental providers nationwide. Through our partnership with the country’s largest dental PPO networks, we are equipped to give patients access to high-quality and cost-effective dental services. Our skilled staff at Direct Pay will make sure your workers compensation dental referral is an easy process so you can spend more time worrying about other aspects of your business. Take advantage of our highly-vetted providers network comprised of some of the best dental practitioners in the United States. Give us a call today at (866) 214-5920

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