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How Direct PT/DX Can Decrease Costs for Workers’ Compensation Programs

Overhead View Of Injured Man With Bandage Hand Filling Insurance Claim Form On Clipboard

Workers’ compensation is one of the largest costs that a company can incur every year. Aside from the large premiums paid to the workers’ compensation insurance broker to protect employees, there are also numerous costs involved when a work-related accident or injury occurs. Replacements need to be hired and trained, another staff member needs to […]

Can You Claim Workers’ Compensation Benefits from a Work-Related Car Accident?

claim workers comp insurance from car accident

In many industries, driving is a common task that many workers must do. Vehicles are utilized as a mode of transport to move individuals and materials from one work site to another, or as means of delivery and collection. Since millions of workers undergo driving or ride a vehicle as part of their jobs, car-related […]

Qs and As About the Role of Physical Therapy in Workers Compensation Injuries

physical therapy

Whether there’s an accident or not, injuries can happen to workers in the course of their employment. A workplace injury can occur to an employee due to prolonged and continuous use of specific muscles, limbs or body parts to perform a job. When a work-related injury causes damage to an employee’s musculoskeletal parts, or when […]

Things You Need to Know about Workers Compensation Insurance for Small Businesses

Workers Compensation Insurance for Small Businesses

By law, employers, including owners of small businesses, are responsible for providing their employees with a safe working environment. No matter what business your company is engaged in, accidents can happen. It is supported by the fact that there are 2.8 cases of occupational injuries for every 100 full-time private industry employees. With more than 150 million […]

Workers Compensation Physical Therapy – How It Benefits Your Business

workers compensation physical therapy

Workers’ compensation is a program of the U.S. government that makes employers or their workers’ compensation insurance carriers responsible for the payment of the medical treatment of their employees who got injured or sick in the course of their employment. A workers compensation physical therapy, on the other hand, is a part of the workers compensation […]

Kentucky’s Amendments to the Workers’ Compensation Statutes Due to COVID-19

workers compensation program

The coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) had escalated into a pandemic in just a few months after its outbreak in China during the last quarter of 2019. Even in the United States, the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is taking its toll on the lives of people from all walks of life. The high risks for exposure especially to […]

Arkansas Amendments to the Workers’ Compensation Statutes Due to COVID-19

The state of Arkansas, through Governor Asa Hutchinson, has amended its workers’ compensation statutes by way of an executive order, EO 20-19 to be exact. The EO which was issued on April 13, 2020, was intended to temporarily suspend certain parts of the workers’ compensation law. It also aims to soften the burden of proof […]