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Can You Claim Workers’ Compensation Benefits from a Work-Related Car Accident?

claim workers comp insurance from car accident
claim workers comp insurance from car accident

In many industries, driving is a common task that many workers must do. Vehicles are utilized as a mode of transport to move individuals and materials from one work site to another, or as means of delivery and collection. Since millions of workers undergo driving or ride a vehicle as part of their jobs, car-related accidents are also more common than you think. In fact, according to The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of work-related deaths in the United States.

With such a common occurrence, a lot of us are left to wonder, “Does our employers have our backs? Can we get workers’ compensation benefits in the event of a work-related car accident?”

Below is a list of scenarios where you can file a claim from your employer’s workers compensation provider network due to a work-related car accident.

Driving from one work area to another.

This includes scenarios where you need to regularly report to different job locations during the course of your shift or workday. This is also applicable during client visits.

Going on a trip for a work-related reason for which you are being compensated for.

In general, you could claim benefits from your employer’s medical provider network if you got into a car accident while you are traveling for work-related activities. Even if you are a remote employee, you are still covered under workers’ compensation when traveling for work-related purposes.

Making work-related deliveries.

If your job involves making deliveries for the company or business, it is also a clear scenario where you can claim workers’ compensation benefits in case you get into a car accident. Whether you are the one driving or a passenger making deliveries, you can reach out to your employer’s medical provider network in case you get into a car accident.

Driving or running a business-related errand.

This involves instances where your employer had asked you to run errands as part of your job, whether you were the one driving or not. For example, if your employer had asked you to drop something off at a certain location, pick up office supplies, or even get a coffee, it can be considered as within the scope of your work responsibilities. Hence, since you are on the clock on your normal work shift, you can claim workers’ compensation in case you get into an accident.

Driving another employee for business reasons.

If you need to drive an employee or coworker from one location to another during your work time, that travel time is covered under worker’s compensation in case you get an injury during the trip.

Are you still covered if you were at fault for the work-related car accident?

Regardless of who was at fault for the accident, an employee is eligible to get workers’ compensation benefits if he or she got into a car accident while at work.


Ultimately, you are eligible to make a workers’ compensation claim if you get into a car accident while performing a work-related task. Immediately contact your company’s workers compensation provider network so you can receive the appropriate medical attention and compensation.

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