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How Direct PT/DX Can Decrease Costs for Workers’ Compensation Programs

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Workers’ compensation is one of the largest costs that a company can incur every year. Aside from the large premiums paid to the workers’ compensation insurance broker to protect employees, there are also numerous costs involved when a work-related accident or injury occurs. Replacements need to be hired and trained, another staff member needs to be assigned to investigate the situation, someone must be tasked to take care of the safety implementations and another will be given the responsibility of doing the legwork and paperwork when filing for the claims and benefits.

How can a medical management and scheduling services provider like Direct PT/DX decrease costs of workers’ compensation programs? Let us tell you!

Increase Productivity and Efficiency

Our team can set up appointments between the injured and sick employees (in this case, the patients) and the medical services providers. This allows your office staff to be free from the hassle of having to coordinate with doctors and clinics, enabling your employee to get prompt medical care. We will also free your staff from having to secure approval from workers’ compensation brokers and insurance companies. In the end, your team will not be overworked or understaffed. They can focus more on their regular jobs. Also, you won’t need to hire new people and spend more on salary and benefits.

Handle the Grunt Work

Let us handle the grunt work, like submitting and following up on claims with workers’ compensation brokers or insurance providers. We make sure that these claims run smoothly by eliminating errors in medical bills and avoiding further delays and extra costs. Our staff will also work to make sure that we comply with all billings to avoid additional penalties. When you partner with Direct PT/DX, you can enjoy a cost-efficient workers’ compensation system that saves both time and money.

Direct PT/DX eases the administrative burdens that workers compensation insurance brokers deal with every day by providing quick, reliable and efficient service. Our experienced team provides all requirements from start to finish, including quick medical scheduling for each injured worker up to managing the complete process of billing reporting.

Learn more about the advantages of using Direct PT/DX for your medical scheduling.

Contact Direct PT/DX today! (866) 214-5920 | scheduling@DirectPTDX.com

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