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Why You Need a Medical Health Insurance

Some people think that paying for health insurance is a bit of a waste. It honestly depends on your overall health, genes and lifestyle, but visiting the doctor will be a fairly important part in your life. Yet, many people consider avoiding signing up with health providers in order to save money.

However, we would argue that having a health coverage is essential whether you tend to get ill or otherwise, and it will save you more money in the long term. Treatment costs can very easily skyrocket if you are diagnosed with a condition that needs prolonged treatment and the best way to address this issue is to pay regular premiums so you are prepared to deal with the challenge when it arises.

Medical Costs Can Bankrupt You

Depending on which part of the world you live in, medical healthcare systems charge differently. For most common conditions, such as the flu, doctors don’t really recommend taking antibiotics and free clinics will usually do the trick with diagnosing you. However, for anything more serious, you will need to be able to run tests, schedule appointments and more.

More serious treatment also comes with heftier costs. Thankfully, the advancement of technology has allowed us to now undergo procedures that used to cost a small fortune. MRI scans today are worth between $300 and $500, which is a comfortable pricing for even cash-strapped patients.

However, running lab tests and buying drugs would eventually amount to much more than you have been saving by not paying your premiums. A health insurance will take care of a number of things, including:

  • Testing costs
  • Drugs coverage
  • Appointments

Understandably, the health package won’t cover everything, but depending on your provider and health plan, you can knock off much of the costs. A penny saved is a penny earned, they say, but the truth is that when it comes to healthcare, you should be paying pennies to your health provider regularly in order to save yourself from going bankrupt at one point in the future.

Your Health Plan Will Allow You to Enjoy Your Hobbies

When you know that you have paid your medical coverage, this gives you a little more leeway to enjoy your hobbies. Overspending is always a bad idea, but the truth is you can still enjoy a handful of hobbies that require a bit in the way of money. Are you a fan of the online pokies? If you are absolutely sure that your medical expenses are covered, then looking up some of the best pokies is definitely a good idea.

Just drop by an expert reviewing website such as https://www.playpokiesonline.org to look up the latest games and which ones to play, and more importantly – where to play them. Of course, your hobbies don’t necessarily have to do with spending too much money.

Some people are quite fond of online gaming and joining communities. MMORPG have become a major pull for players of all ages and you can enjoy a mature gameplay with hundreds of thousands of like-minded people who have a sweet spot for gaming online. All of this while safe in the knowledge that you would never have to spend more than your premium to cover healthcare.

Of course, the exact arrangement of your health plan is between you and the provider, so make sure to read the details of your contract to know exactly what is covered by you.

Dentistry Not Covered

The majority of health plans exclude dentistry, which is considered a separate branch of medicine altogether. If you live in the United States or Canada, you will definitely have to consider taking care of your teeth and opt for prevention over treatment. In Europe, and particularly in Eastern Europe, the prices of good dentistry are incredulously low. You can get a tooth treated in less than $200 and two or three visits to the doctor.

This is a perfect example of why your geographical location will determine your medical expenses. Theoretically, you can always travel to get treatment and pay less, but this is just one of the thing that would bring you a lot of discomfort. The easiest way is to just pay your medical premiums regularly and make sure you are insured.

Medicine is also advancing by quite a bit and soon disease prevention would mean fewer expenses on unnecessary doctors’ visits. Remote monitoring will become a common way of spotting disease early on and treating it quickly and without any risks for the patients. While this becomes a reality, though, you will need to continue paying your medical insurance.


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