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How can Workers’ Comp Medical Scheduling Help to Simplify the Job of Nurse Case Managers

Hard work. Construction worker in protective helmet feeling back pain while working at construction site. Building construction. Pain concept. Dangerous job
Hard work. Construction worker in protective helmet feeling back pain while working at construction site. Building construction. Pain concept. Dangerous job

A majority of nurse case managers are registered nurses working for a carrier of workers’ compensation insurance or workers comp case management companies. Their main responsibility in the health care industry includes:

  • Coordinate the various aspects involved in the medical care of injured workers
  • Identify the patient’s medical needs, and match these with available resources
  • Make sure that the medical care services for injured workers are promptly delivered in order to facilitate recovery
  • Communicate regularly with the injured worker and their treating physician, the employer and the insurance company about the treatment, prognosis and recovery of the the patient
  • Facilitate the scheduling of the patient’s upcoming medical appointments and expedite transportation if necessary
  • Provide the insurer with relevant information regarding the patient’s care
  • Facilitate authorization to doctors to allow them to administer recommended treatment to the patient
  • Make sure that the injured worker’s medical treatment is progressing so that they can return to work as early as possible.

As a third party whose task is to facilitate prompt and accurate communication between the parties involved,  a nurse case manager is one person who can step in and get you the treatment you need. They can even help if the patient’s insurance company isn’t doing much to expedite your treatment authorization.

Nurse case managers do play an important role in the world of medical care. It is especially helpful to individuals who need medical attention via workers’ compensation insurance. It’s a process that involves lots of administrative tasks some of which can be complex or time-consuming.

The job of a nurse case manager is quite diverse. It involves working closely with patients, medical care providers, insurance companies, and employers. They need to coordinate with all the parties involved in the process. With that said, it would really be safe to say that the complexity of the job of a workers’ comp nurse case manager can easily make them lose focus.

This is where an effective workers’ compensation medical scheduling service with a big medical provider network can help.

A capable medical scheduling company has knowledge and skills to simplify the administrative burdens of nurse case managers. They help to allow the latter to concentrate on their job. Aside from coordinating with the players involved in the process, a competent medical scheduling company:

  • Does all the scheduling, follow-up, billing and reporting to concerned agencies the necessary reports to be submitted
  • Most importantly, they help patients regain their health as fast as possible and expedite their early return to work which is beneficial to all the parties in the process
  • Minimize workers’ compensation cost

As a workers’ comp nurse case manager, you are immersed in a lot of responsibilities which can divide your attention and make you lose focus. It can have an adverse effect on your performance which could result in a chain reaction to the other players in the process. This includes longer recovery time and delayed return to work for the injured worker, delayed payment for medical care provider, or higher workers’ compensation cost. Don’t ever allow these things to happen.

With the help of a competent medical scheduling services provider, workers comp nurse case management companies like yours will become more efficient and cost-effective. Make your performance even better by working with a medical scheduling company with a large medical provider network.

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