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The Impact of High Employee Morale on Workers Compensation Costs

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Workers’ compensation costs can be an expensive business expense. Every time you add a new employee, you must factor in their insurance coverage which includes workers’ compensation. While there are cost containment strategies you can implement to reduce them without sacrificing the fate of your company, one of the best workers compensation solutions is to make sure your workplace has […]

3 Easy Ways To Reduce Workers’ Compensation Costs For Traveling Employees

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Accidents can happen even in the most safety-conscious workplace, and that risk is multiplied when employees go out to perform their work while moving from one place to another.   Moreover, the injuries that traveling workers might sustain can be pretty severe, regardless of the type of vehicle they use for transport – car, train, or plane.  […]

Embarking on a New Job While Receiving Workers’ Comp Benefits – Is it Legal?

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This article is intended to give injured employees some enlightenment about workers’ compensation benefits.  Many employees who suffer from work-related injury consider looking for a new job or career for certain reasons. As a matter of fact, there are instances when an injured employee wants to take a new job because he wants to work […]

How To Implement An Effective Injury Triage Program

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One of the main goals of a responsible employer is to provide a safe work environment for employees.  That being said, it is also crucial for organizations to prepare for any workplace risks, accidents, and injures that may occur.  When companies have a strategy that deals with workplace injuries, it can make a world of […]

Understanding Mental Health in Workers’ Compensation

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There is an extremely thin line that separates workers’ compensation and mental health. While both employers and insurers strive to reject mental health conditions as part of workers’ compensation coverage, claims for treatment due to work-related stress is increasing.  Working with an experienced workers compensation provider network may help to get a proper psychiatric or psychological evaluation […]

Workers’ Compensation The Need to Treat Depression After a Workplace Injury

Workers Compensation for depressed employees

When an accident happens in the workplace, the state’s workers’ compensation is almost always involved. This is a major part of its role in providing timely care to injured workers. The benefits the program delivers is intended to provide physical healing and relief from pain, but in most cases, it is not able to erase […]

3 Things You Need To Know About Opioids And Pain Management

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Injuries in the workplace can sometimes come with chronic physical pain, requiring a complex pain control or pain management treatment plan involving a team of physicians across multiple disciplines. A workers comp pain management treatment plan takes a lot of time and effort with tedious administrative tasks for a single patient.  One of these tasks is […]

Things You Need to Know About Work Injury Rehabilitation

Things You Need to Know About Work Injury Rehabilitation

Workplace accidents and injuries are not uncommon in the U.S. In fact they happen every single day. In 2019, the amount of money lost due to work injuries was $171.0 billion. Most employees may be involved in similar workplace accidents but for sure each of them will have a unique set of circumstances and recovery timelines. To […]

What You Need to Know About Occupational Diseases and Workers’ Compensation

Occupational Diseases and Workers Compensation

Whenever a topic about workers’ compensation is raised, many people almost always associate it with benefits employees receive as a result of injuries sustained from work-related accidents. While it is true, not really all work-related injuries are caused by accidents. Many of these are a result of occupational diseases. According to the U.S. Bureau of […]