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Workers’ Compensation: 3 Things You Need To Know If You Have A Retail Business

Things You Need To Know If You Have A Retail Business
Things You Need To Know If You Have A Retail Business

The retail industry is one of the core engines that drive the American economy, making up 19 percent of the country’s GDP, at 3.9 trillion USD annually, according to this (NRF) National Retail Federation report.  And the lifeblood of this sector is its employees who provide services and goods to customers.  Their jobs mostly consist of manual tasks such as lifting, carrying large, heavy objects, making them prone to injuries.  Though non-fatal, these injuries can completely disrupt the injured employee’s life and income and make things difficult for the employer.

This article will discuss the purpose of workers’ compensation in the retail industry and why retail business owners need it.  Most importantly, it will also show how working with a workers compensation provider network can protect both their business and their employees against high medical costs and the other losses associated with workplace injuries.

1. The Purpose Workers Compensation In The Retail Industry

As a retail business owner, having workers’ comp insurance helps you avoid taking money directly from your pocket to cover the cost of your employees’ medical care for injury or illness sustained at work.  You also avoid paying hefty fines for failing to purchase coverage for your employees.

If you have workers comp for your retail business, you’ll have access to medical care and other benefits for your injured employee.  Workers’ comp can also help you cover legal fees if the injured employee’s family decides to sue you.

2. Why Workers Compensation Is Vital To Businesses In The Retail Industry

All the standing, carrying, reaching, stretching, and bending that retail employees do, sometimes for extended periods, typically result in back strains, torn muscles, sprains, or worse, broken bones.  And as stated earlier, these injuries can have a direct negative impact on the business.

According to this bureau of labor statistics news release from 2015, the retail trade industry suffered from 123,770 days away from work incidents, mostly caused by contact with objects, followed by falls, slips, and trips, and finally, overexertion in lifting or lowering. And the number of median days away from work for the retail trade industry is 7, which forces companies to hire temporary workers to fill the gaps left by the injured employee.  In turn, this results in higher costs for the employer.

3. The Advantages Of Utilizing A Medical Provider Network 

To protect your employees and your retail business, you need to look for a company that provides workers comp services with access to the best national medical provider network, composed of healthcare providers specializing in work-related injuries.

Having access to this network means enjoying medical services at negotiated rates.  For you, as an employer, you get the advantage of cost containment, as you’ll be protected from billing issues that are the usual cause for higher workers’ comp costs.

When dealing with workers’ compensation cases, partnering with a workers compensation provider network ensures that cost-effective yet excellent medical treatment is given to your injured employee.


The role of workers’ compensation insurance in the retail industry is to help employers identify and prepare for the risk of accidents and provide coverage and access to the country’s best medical network.

If you are a retail store owner ready to work with a great workers compensation provider network, call our toll-free scheduling line (866) 214-5920.

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